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Replacement parts

Trouble-free production is only possible if all machine parts are functioning faultlessly. It is vital to react quickly at the first sign of wear and tear. We supply original replacement parts from Krantz, Babcock, Stentex, Artos, Brückner and Monforts, and install them immediately. This is how your installations can retain full performance.

Rapid supply of replacement parts – worldwide
Electrical components become worn, circular cutters become blunt and tenter chains wear out. They need to be replaced from time to time. We quickly provide you with replacement parts for your textile machines – directly from the manufacturers. Would you like to have regular service on-site? Within the framework of the service contract, we take over the wear checks and maintenance of your installations.

Immediate replacement
On request, an engineer comes to you and installs the replacement parts. Our qualified co-workers are familiar with the current systems from Krantz, Babcock, Stentex, Artos, Brückner and Monforts. They make the replacement in no time, so that the installation can function faultlessly again.

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