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Maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance ensures uninterrupted operation. Through wear checks, we are able to identify the need for optimisation and manage the replacement of components. The result: you extend the lifetime and increase the productivity of your machine.

Wear checks and assessment
Krantz, Babcock, Artos, Stentex, Brückner or Monforts: By undertaking a detailed wear check, we can estimate the lifetime of your machine, identify vulnerabilities and take action precisely where it is needed.

Repair and replacement parts
Our engineers repair identified faults immediately. If individual components need to be replaced, we obtain the replacement parts and install them in line with current safety standards. In brief: we organise the repair work and you can focus fully on your daily business.

Maintenance contract: Play it safe
Would you like to avoid disruptions once and for all? Then you should have your machines serviced regularly. With our maintenance contract, you have everything covered: Inspection, servicing and necessary repairs. Our team of engineers is familiar with the circumstances and takes immediate action, so that you can rely on us completely.

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