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Machine relocation: from dismantling to commissioning

Dismantling, transporting and re-assembling industrial machines: This complex task requires faultless organisation. We take care of this for you – from planning to recommissioning.

Precise planning
How many fitters are required? What does the schedule look like? How do we create complete occupational safety? Our experts review the circumstances on-site and plan each step with the utmost care, ensuring that, from the outset, everything proceeds to plan at the new location.

Professional implementation
Our engineers have many years of experience from machine manufacturers such as Krantz, Babcock, Stentex and Moenus. As well as dismantling and re-assembling the installation, they do the wiring, reconnect the electricity and install new replacement parts as required.

Safely from A to B
The better the organisation, the quicker your machines will be ready for operation again. That is why we are also happy to organise the transport to the new location. Our experienced team ensures that all planned steps flow seamlessly.

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